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Acupoint Meridian Release - $7
Acupressure is applied along one or more meridians that will assist the body in clearing congestion from stress, emotions, and over-indulgences. Clients may wish to follow up with a full session.

Aromatherapy | Attars - $4
Aromatherapy and sacred Attars used during any session create an additional sense of calm, positive energy.

Bamboo Stones - $3
Hot Bamboo stones are used to increase the release of toxins and to enhance myofascial bodywork.

Champa Attar Scrub - $5
This exotic attar mixture offers increased healing benefits. It is very aromatic and lasts for hours as it seeps deep into the skin.

Collagen Mask | Facial Reflexology - $15
A warmed, collagen gel mask is applied to the face. Tapping encourages the collagen to enter the skin, facial reflexology offers a healing repair and relaxation of major facial muscles.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy - $3
This session promotes natural healing, wellness, and relaxation. Through this very gentle and calming process, clients experience a wonderful sense of wellness and being centered.

Cupping - $4
Magnetic or silicone cups are added to the one hour massage session. This encourages a release of congestion throughout the surrounding tsubos. This immediate release along the meridians promotes a long-lasting healing process.

Dry Skin Brushing - $3
Gentle dry skin brushing helps slough off dead, dry skin. This improves the ability of the skin to absorb aromatherapy and massage oils during the session. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system and the immune system to create a higher level of wellness.

Facial Globes - $3
Facial Globes stimulate nerve to exercise facial tissue, eliminate fine lines, tighten skin, and reduce large pores. The globes stimulate collagen fibers to improve the skin’s elasticity. The Vegus Nerve is also stimulated during this treatment, which reduces anxiety and increases vitality.

Gua Sha - $4
A precious piece of jade is used to scrap along the skin to release adipose tissue congestion. Gua Sha is very helpful in the release of congested tissue that may lead to chronic pain, nerve restrictions, and diminished range of motion.

GX-99 Sub-dermal Therapy - $3
The GX-99 Therapy System features a highly effective, non-invasive method of increasing lymphatic flow, alleviating stress, improving circulation, diminishing fatigue, and eliminating toxins from the body.

Honey Facial Pull with Massage - $5
Honey stimulates the re-growth of tissue, strengthens capillaries, and fortifies the fibroblasts needed for healing. It increases blood flow to the skin and stimulates collagen production. The face develops a more youthful look.


Hot Terry Towel Treatment - $5
Hot terry towels cover OPI lotions and are arranged to comfort your feet to remove all fatigue and tension. This treatment adds additional relaxation to your massage session by removing tension throughout meridian lines which are very sensitive on your feet.

Hydrocullator - $4
A large thermostatically controlled, water-soaked, bentonite clay filled cloth heating pad is placed on areas where heavy congestion or entrapments impede the benefits of massage therapy. This prepares the tissue for rehabilitation, which will speed the healing process.

Hydrosol Mist - $2
This is an excellent choice for calming facial skin prior to, or immediately after any type of facial massage. This hydrating aromatherapy is specific in medicinal properties to enhance relaxation, clarity, and wellness.

Magnetic Spine Release - $5
This unique treatment releases trapped emotional information in the spinal fluid. The fluid flows more freely allowing for Chakra alignments and neuro-emotional intelligence. This improves your mental clarity and encourages a sense of wellness. Full session are available through our Wellness Services.

Marble Stones for Face and Body - $4
Cold stones are gently placed on trigger points throughout the torso, legs, arms, and face. A clearing massage is given to decrease inflammation and chronic pain due to entrapments.

OHM Frequency Releases - $3
Solfreggio tuning forks are applied to reflexology points, the Third eye Chakra, Vegus Nerve, and ears to align neurological messages between all the meridians and Chakras. This promotes self healing, a calm mind, and balances the body.

Pendulum Chakra Reading $5
This a short assessment which indicates the health of each Chakra. Any energy that predominates and is speaking through the Chakras will be passed along to the client. The client may then decide to participate with Reiki Healing Crystal sessions, Ayurveda, or Traditional Chinese Medicine to heal any negative areas.

Reflexology $4
Clears congestion from meridians and major organs by compressing reflex points on the feet, hands, and face. The client experiences a sense of relaxation and wellness as the body begins to heal.

Reiki E-Motion Treatment $3
Reiki healing stones are placed in a Sacred Geometry pattern to align with the major Chakras of the body. The infused Reiki energy, along with the charged gemstones, amplify the healing process of your body by using Universal Life Force energies.

Sobakawa Eye Rest FREE
This is a free add—on service we gladly add to the end of your session. The Sobakawa is warmed to provide complete comfort to your shoulders, neck, and occipital areas. Likewise, a warm sobakawa is placed on your sternum to release tension created by stress. A warm silk eye rest invites all the muscles in your eyes to release and relax. It is the perfect way to soothe all eye tension.

Spine Aroma-Alignment - $22
Fourteen (14) essential oils are used in this add-on service to promote healing and wellness. Oils are used throughout the meridians, Chakras, marmars, feet and Third Eye.
*** Please advise us of any and all allergies

Taping | Kinseio - $7
This treatment aids in the rapid de-congestion of areas throughout the entire body. Tape is placed in a specific pattern to allow the adipose tissue to release congestion and increase a myofascial release response.

Tapotement - $3
This therapy increases circulation and releases toxins throughout the body by means of percussion or petrissage. Gentle taps on the body and meridian lines encourage the body to release muscle tension. This begins the process of natural healing.