How to Make the Most of Summer

Summer is all about taking steps.<br /> <br /> During the season of Spring, we are "waking up" and gathering all the new possibilties that are offered to us.<br /> <br /> Now the season of Summer is here and its time to get to work.<br /> <br /> Summer is all about taking our dreams, our intentions, our desires and finding our Pathway to manifest them into our reality.<br /> <br /> This is best done one step at a time.<br /> Each step takes us higher and/or closer to our life goals.<br /> <br /> Most times we may become impatient and want to simply arrive at the end.<br /> This is very often a mistake. <br /> <br /> For without carefully taking each step, we may arrive at our goal without a full understanding of how we got there.  This invites us to have to repeat the "steps" again.<br /> <br /> Let's spend some time together and talk about stepping up, stepping out, stepping in to Summer and all the wonderful ways we can improve our lives during this bountiful season.