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Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to speak to our professional, Licensed Massage Therapists about any questions or concerns you may have about massage therapy, wellness, and about your upcoming sessions. Your health and welfare is our first concern here at medica…the healing arts. Our Licensed Massage Therapists follow a strict Code of Ethics set by our professional associations, AMTA and ABMP. Our massage therapists are continuously updating their education requirements and are aware of the latest medical and ethical standards expected by the AMTA and ABMP to remain a licensed and professional massage therapist.

Are there any medical reasons not to receive a massage?
Yes. Clients with hypertension, diabetes, infections, cancer, and edema have to be carefully screened. Please alert your massage therapist of ANY medical conditions you may have so they can discuss the best recommended sessions for you. Also, if your current medical information changes at anytime during your course of sessions, please inform your massage therapist.

Can I receive a massage when I am pregnant?
Yes. Although during the first trimester, our massage therapists do not recommend massage treatments, starting in the second trimester, a light and relaxing massage can be given. Our massage therapists implement special body positioning to ensure mom is comfortable and relaxed. Pregnancy massage can be received starting in the second trimester and throughout the duration of pregnancy. Rich L. Timmerman is licensed for these services.

Can I request a male or female therapist?
Yes. We have both male and female massage therapists available.

Do I have to disrobe entirely for my massage or treatment?
No. Your level of comfort is most important during your massage. Your therapist will discuss this issue with you and explain how the session will be conducted. Please be advised that all professional massage therapists have been trained how to discreetly drape the body to protect your privacy at all times.


Do you have gift certificates?
Yes. We have certificates in a professional cover and envelope which can be customized for any occasion. We accept phone transactions and can mail them to your home or the recipient’s home.

Is there a gratuity included in the fees?
No. Some guidelines for gratuities are: 15% for good service; 20% for exceptional service.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. Mastercard, VISA and Discover in addition to debit cards and personal checks are accepted here at medica…the healing arts. Companies are invoiced once a month with terms payable within 15 days.

Do you have a walk-in policy?
Yes. We do not accept walk-in clients. All sessions must be scheduled through our office or the on-line service. For those that cannot schedule their appointments in advance we do have an option called “Last Minute Appointments.”

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes. We understand that there are unforeseen events in all our lives. However, we do reserve the right to charge full fee if an appointment is not kept without notice. Also, if multiple appointments are being canceled at the last minute, we prefer that you speak with your massage therapist about payment and different appointment arrangements.