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CranioSacral Therapy – $60
This massage therapy session normalizes the environment around the brain and spinal cord which enhances the body’s ability to heal and self-correct. Our Licensed Massage Therapists recommend this session for all clients especially those experiencing migraines, headaches, chronic neck pain, stress and tension related disorders, chronic fatigue, TMJ Syndrome, scoliosis and more.

Life Coaching – $78
Life & Wellness Coaching assists each individual in making the desired changes in various areas of their lives. We work to provide information to help determine a successful, progressive journey. The Life Coaching Program is formatted to help you take the necessary steps needed for success.

Reiki Session – $70
This wellness session focuses on the major and minor Chakras of the body to assist in healing and to bring balance to each Chakra. The mind is calmed and the Spirit is lifted to bring relief from stress, fatigue, anxiety, and anger.

Alchemy Tarot Reading – $78
Your reading is offered through the practice of alchemy and tarot combined. This spiritual transformation serves as a guided pathway for you as you journey through life. The Major Arcana is used as a visionary tool to relay information and answers that you wish to know to lead you on your wellness journey. 


Ancient Healing

Cupping – $70 | $75
Cupping helps significantly with the clearing of congestion throughout the lymphatic and circulatory systems by drawing the skin gently upwards to increase blood flow. The process promotes the healing of a broad range of medical ailments (respiratory diseases, myofascial constriction, restricted flexibility, and more). Your Licensed Massage Therapists will choose which type of cupping would be best for you (Glass, Magnetic, or Silicone).

Dry Skin Brushing – $75
Experiencing itchy, dry skin? Suppressed immune system? Low energy levels? Our gentle dry skin brushing will slough off dead, dry skin, improving the skins appearance and allowing it to hydrate more efficiently when a moisturizer is applied. Dry skin brushing also detoxifies the body and helps move your lymphatic fluid allowing your body to naturally rid itself of toxins.

Gua Sha / Back – $68
This ancient healing therapy uses a precious piece of jade to scrap along the skin to release adipose tissue congestion. A warm compression is used along the meridian lines to assist in the evacuation of toxins. This therapy is then followed with a lymphatic massage of the back, neck, shoulders, and upper arms.

Shiatsu – $68
This healing session begins with dry skin brushing, then a clearing massage with a chosen Sacred Attar application. Shiatsu compression is then used along the spine and meridians consisting of digital and palm pressure, stretches, and other massage therapy techniques. This session helps balance and releases your vital Life Energy and helps your body heal itself naturally.